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Individuals and churches from Louisiana, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi – through the guidance and direction of “Church Missions Network” – saw the following results in 2011 for the Kingdom of God.


  • 11,219 professions of faith
  • 27 new church congregations begun
  • 3612 children in our children’s ministry
  • 57 new pastors’ seminary fees paid


  • 7,403 medical patients
  • 365 optometry patients
  • 687 dental patients
  • 33,726 prescriptions given
  • 3,398 animals treated by vet team


  • 24 church buildings constructed for new congregations
  • 2 “Homes for Hope” built for pastors with orphans
  • 1 children’s home built for orphans & widows
  • Medical Clinic – under construction 2011-2012

Ministry in Action

  • 25 sewing machines given to widows
  • 351 milk goats given to children in Kenya
  • 27 bicycles purchased for new pastors in Kenya

Church Missions Network would like to thank you for your prayers, giving and going to make these things possible.

“To God be the Glory”

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